Bio-Rad Laboratories FPLC



Bio-Rad Laboratories NGC Plus FPLC System allows for fast protein purification.
Equipped with large volume sample injection pump to purify proteins directly from lysate solution.
Choice of detectors depending on experimental design:
  • Single wavelength monitoring with LED-UV detector 255/280 nm
  • Multiple wavelength (UV-VIS) monitoring with adjustable wavelngth in range of 190 - 800 nm
PCCF Facility provides protein purification columns for users:
  • 24 ml (10x300mm) SEC Columns, ENrich SEC70, ENrich SEC650, S200
  • Ni-NTA columns for tagged protein purification
  • Ion-exchange columns
Bio-Rad FPLC system is connected to Wyatt MALS-RI detectors. Upon request SEC-MALS-RI technique can be used to determine molecular mass of eluted proteins.