Bruker D8 VENTURE is equipped with a Cu radiation source with fixed wavelength at 1.5418 Å (8.04 keV)
  • Cooled nitrogen flow on sample is generated by COBRA system. 
  • Standard flow temperature is set to 100 K however, it can be controlled between 100 K - 300 K
  • KAPPA goniometer allows for precise crystal alignment in the beam
  • D8 venture is suitable for single crystal crystallography either protein or small molecule
  • KAPPA goniometer


photon2.jpg diffraction.png
  • CPAD Photon II detector with shuterless technology and improved noise to signal ratio


proteum3.png apex3.jpg
  • Proteum 3 software for protein crystallography
  • APEX 3 software for small molecule crystallography with shelx based pipeline from data integration to structure refinement.


sxsdiffraction.png apexcell2.png apexrefine2.png