NanoTemper Monolith NT.115


The PCCF Monolith NT.115 is a BLUE/RED model (ex.493 nm / 650 nm and em. 521 nm / 670 nm)


Monolith NT.115 is employing Microscale Thermophoresis (MST) method to detect binding between molecules.


MST technique measures binding between two molecules by detecting variation in the fluorescense signal of a labeled target as a result of an IR-laser induced temperature changes.


The MST method is an easy, fast and precise approach to quantify biomolecular interactions:
  • detects binding affinity in range between 1 nM - 500 mM
  • binding of ligands between 40 Da and 2.5 MDa in size
  • immobilization free
  • independent of solution used (from standard buffer to complex fluids including cell lysates and blood)
  • requires 1 - 10 nM labeled molecule and dilutions of ligand (starting at 20 fold concentration above expected dissociation constant)
  • 4 µl of sample loaded into max. of 16 capillaries